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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Islamic Law National Summit (ILNS) 2013

Islamic Law National Summit (ILNS) Goes to South East Asia Nations.

ILNS Goes To South East Asia Nations is a sequences of seminar, talk show, excursion  Essay Competition, and focus group discussion (think). The ILNS 2013 will be hold on University of Indonesia Campus Area at 25 – 27 February 2013.

The series of events that begins with the Studium Generale will provide introductory material for the Focus Group Discussion and Seminar and Talkshow. In addition, in 2013 there are also excursions ILNS and gathering, the explanation can be found on their respective pages.

    In following this event the participants can choose to be:

    1. Essay Team
    2. Observer Team

In this essay team, participants must follow the essay competition followed in groups, and each group consisted of 3-5 people. Group or team competition came from the same university. Each university sent delegations freely without any restriction on number. Judging along with the complete document for participants will be announced and awarded later. Then, participants will make essay presentations at the ILNS event, and will be given an award for the winner of 1, 2, and 3.

Then, the observer team are participants who can attend a series of events without having to send ILNS essay first.

The difference between a team of essays by a team of observers that the essay team will give essay presentation at this event and will be given an award for the winner of 1, 2, and 3.

Participants who attend this event will receive lodging accommodations, food, and a shuttle from the lodge to the location of the event.

To register, you can see the essay competition, and participants were required to fill the online form through this website and then deliver the essay to the email mentioned.

Besides register as essay team, you can register as observer team. To register, you can see the how to join tab.

Then, for a description of the event, you can see the events and excursions. As for the event order, you can see the rundown. Participants can also download a map of the event location and lodging in the rundown and information.

More info:

Klik Pamflet utk perbesar
Essay (Klik Pamflet utk perbesar)

Info sent by Chemistry Islamic Studies via email.

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