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Thursday, January 9, 2020

[YASS TALK 1.0] Wanna be an Outstanding Student?

Apakabar sobat GenJu yuk Nambah Ilmu, kali ini Portal Kompetisi dan Beasiswa Punya info buat nambah ilmu ni, lets cekidot.
[YASS TALK 1.0] Wanna be an Outstanding Student?


Hello, Agents of Change!

Wanna be an Outstanding Student?

How to be Outstanding Student in Academic and Non-Academic? Well, that's good question but one thing: don't left behind about Leadership.
“Extraordinary Achievements : How to be Outstanding in Academic, Non-Academic, and Leadership”. Shows the ways how student should improve their abilities from zero to hero both in academic and non academic, including leadership.

Lets talk about it with :

Annisa Zikriatin Nafilah, S.KH
- IPB Outstanding Student (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 2018)
- Delegate of Winter Camp in Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan (2019)

Facilities :
✔ Good Knowledges
✔ Relation(s)
✔ Notulence
✔ E-Certificate

Date, Time, and Place :
πŸ“† 15 January 2020
⏰ 7.30-9.00 P.M
🏫 WhatsApp Group

OPEN for public, and FREE for you!

Requirements :
✔ Follow IG
✔ Like this post and mention 5 friends in comment.
✔ Share this post to 5 group Whatsapp / Line
✔ Send screenshoots (point 1-3) to Contact Person : 087820520516 (Aldo, WhatsApp)
✔ Don't forget to tell your name and university/school

Alert: limited participant. Join NOW!

Thank You!
LEADS Foundation
Buildup The Youth to Break through the World

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