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Monday, February 3, 2020

Youth Milennial Challenge " Millenial Membangun Peradaban"

Portal Kompetisi dan Beasiswa kali ini akan membagikan infi kegiatan Youth Milenial Challenge, Lets Cekidot.
Youth Milennial Challenge " Millenial Membangun Peradaban"

Youth Millenials Challenge πŸ›‘

Hi Millenials!!!
We Are Calling You 
BEM REMA Institut Tazkia proudly presents a very challenging competition:
Youth Millennial Challenge 2020
"Millenial Membangun Peradaban" 
This annual challenge allows you to put more concern to:
Its Disruption on Finnancing Commercial
Halal Industry:
Sharia Compliance on Halal-labeled Industries
Invention vs Human Resource:
Artificial Technology Reduce Human-based Skill πŸ—“ Mark the date!
▶ 21 January - 20 February 2020 Registration Period
▶ 8 March Deadline For Collection ▶ 25 March 2020 End Of Challenges Submission
▶ 27-28 March 2020 Grand Event YMC 2020

Well, what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Registration Link: (Online Trading Challenge Only) 
and please upload your cheerful photo on twibbon: Bounty:
πŸ’° Cash
πŸ† Trophy
πŸ“œ Certificate *✨Get More Prizes from $3000✨* Keep connected through:
☎0877-8778-2522 (Kak Salsa) πŸ“§

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  1. Numpang promo ya gan
    kami dari agen judi terpercaya, 100% tanpa robot, dengan bonus rollingan 0.3% dan refferal 10% segera di coba keberuntungan agan bersama dengan kami
    ditunggu ya di dewapk^^^ ;) ;) :*