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Friday, May 15, 2020

National Youth Summit For Renewable Energy 2020 Competition Volume II

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Human population is always increasing every day. In 2019, the human population has reached 7 billion inhabitants. However, gas, petroleum, nuclear power and various kinds of energy are dwindling over time. Have you ever thought that humans will go to extinction if they just continue to live with this pattern? With just consume the energy without renewing it? Come on! This world needs your help.

Then, what can you do to help this world?

This is it,

Join our National Youth Summit for Renewable Energy 2020 Competition VOL. II with the theme of "Development of Renewable Energy in Indonesia"

With FREE REGISTRATION FEE, have a chance to:

Win the total price of 20 MILLION IDR which will be announced on the NYSRE 2020 Event

The competition will hold 3 categories which are :
1. Individual Essay Competition
2. Individual / Group Innovative Project Competition
3. Organization based Student Research Development (ex. BEM, UKM, etc.) Go check our competition's terms and conditions at :

The REGISTRATION will be opened from April 24th untill May 16th

The SUBMISSION will be opened from April 24th until May 24th 2020 and submission through email :

What are you waiting for? The chance to change the world is now! Submit your work and save the world!

For more information, check our website at, or you can contact us directly via instagram @sreitb or direct message or line cp : ramadit00

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  1. Izin promo ya admin ^^
    Suka main card apa? Car! Disini Yuk : WA:+855 969 190 856 (AjoQQ)
    Sedia deposit pulsa juga (min 20rb)