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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Brawijaya English Tournament 2021- "Weave Your Fate


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Good Day Wanderers! 🖐🏻

After preparing for the journey into the mythical forest, finally the wait is over! BET 2021 Registration: Batch 1 is officially OPEN !!🎉🎉

You can now register yourself to participate in one of the most prestigious nationwide English competition in Indonesia. How do you register? You can register through our website 

We would like to remind you Wanderers, that there will be five fields to compete in BET 2021. Those are Debate, Newscasting, Speech, Storytelling, and Short Story Writing. Each field is eligible for High School and Varsity, except for Debate — it's only eligible for High School.

However, the slots are limited. For Debate, there are only 50 slots available and each institution may only send up to 8 Teams (3 out of those 8 will be put on the waiting list)

For Speech, Newscasting, and Storytelling. There are only 40 slots available for both High School and Varsity. Lastly for Short Story writing only 30 spot available also for both high school and varsity. Each institution may send up to 4 delegates.

Be ready to explore the deepest part of the mythical forest to find your destiny!🌳🦉

-Brawijaya English Tournament 2021-
"Weave Your Fate"🌌

Contact Person:
Ewaldo (087775678551)
ID Line: @ewaldo26
Andi (082397582260)
ID Line: andirafly792
For further inquiries contact:
Instagram: @bet.2k21
OA Line: @398tjnkx


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