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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

National Medical dan General Biology Competition


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National Medical dan General Biology Competition

FKUI presents: NMGBC 2021 ✨

Good day, aspiring students!

NMGBC has come back once again as the most prestigious biology competition for our nation’s high schoolers! And now, we are inviting you to test your skills as well as indulge in a fun journey through our events.

There are two competitions conducted in NMGBC 2021!

1. Public Poster
This year competition invites participants to not only produce creative posters, but also to participate in an online campaign.

2. Medical & General Biology Competition
Participants will be going through a series of biology quizzes and tests, as well as an oral case analysis to wrap up the competition.

Check out our roadshow kit and sign up real quick!

For more inquiries, contact us at:
Fakhru Adlan Ayub
081513270901 (WA)
fakhruadlan (line)

Tsaniya Meidini Tahsya
081290775432 (WA)
anyatahsyas (line)

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