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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Astra Accounting Academy 2023 in now open


Portal Kompetisi dan Beasiswa mau bagikan info event yang bagus banget untuk upgrade kemampuan ya guys. Buat yang penasaran langsung aja lets cekidot.

Astra Accounting Academy 2023 in now open

Astra Accounting Academy 2023 in now open! 🙌

Are you an Accounting Undergraduate student who are looking for internship program to enhance your skills and accelerate your career journey?

Astra Accounting Academy is open for minimum 5th semester undergraduate students in Accounting Major who are passionate and commited to join our on-site internship program.

We are looking for:
1. Undergraduate Accounting Major
2. Minimum GPA 3.00
3. Minimum For fifth semester students, on Jan - Jun 2023
4. Advance Accounting 1
5. Strongly commited to join Onsite Full Day Internship Program in Astra Head Office

What are you waiting for? Apply now at ! ✨

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