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Monday, October 9, 2023

Universitas Riau - International Academic Writing Competition (UNRI-IAWC) 2023


Portal Kompetisi dan Beasiswa mau bagikan info kompetisi terbaru nih guys. Yuk pada ikutan ya lets cekidot.

Kali ini kita akan bagikan info lomba setelah sekian lama hilang terbenam hehe. So lets cek again ya.

Ada kompetisi internasional yang diadakan oleh Universitas Riau, penasaran yuk disimak.,

Universitas Riau - International Academic Writing Competition (UNRI-IAWC) 2023

About Us

Universitas Riau (UNRI) is a distinguished institution with a visionary goal of becoming a leading research university in the field of science and technology within the Southeast Asian region. Established in 1962, UNRI has consistently focused on the pursuit of scientific research as a core mission. The university's founding missions encompass the delivery of excellent higher education, the establishment of a dignified university governance system, the cultivation of students' exceptional potential, and the creation of a reliable information system while applying innovation for the betterment of society. UNRI's commitment to these missions underscores its dedication to advancing knowledge and contributing to the development of science and technology in the region.

The Competition

The competition is inspired by the spirit of university students from around the world who have shown interest in research and writing. The primary purpose of the UNRI International Academic Writing Competition (UNRI-IACW) is to encourage and showcase exceptional university-level writing. The competition specifically targets writing on topics in Arts and Humanities (Education and Culture), Social Studies (Politics, Economics, and Law), Health and Science, Technology and Engineering, and Multidisciplinary (STEAM).

Competition Format

Participants in the contest submit a short-form article on a topic in Arts and Humanities (Education and Culture), Social Studies (Politics, Economics, and Law), Health and Science, Technology and Engineering, and Multidisciplinary (STEAM) along with a 2-minute video about the article. Each submission will be read and graded by the academics team of different countries. A number of contestants will be selected as finalists based on the submitted article and video, and are invited to participate in a virtual UNRI-IAWC 2023 Defense Day. At the Defense Day, students will have the opportunity to give a 15-minute presentation and oral defense to UNRI-IAWC judges including a Question and Answer Session.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must adhere to the following requirements, as outlined in the submission guideline below.

Topics: Articles should address a topic related to

(1) Arts and Humanities (Education and Culture),

(2) Social Studies (Politics, Economics, and Law),

(3) Health and Science,

(4) Technology and Engineering, and

(5) Multidisciplinary (STEAM).

Length: Articles should not exceed 4,000 words (excluding diagrams, tables of data, or authorship declaration)

Writing outline: Suggested outline for the articles consists of introduction, method, result, discussion and conclusion. However, other formats are also welcome.

Writing Style: Submissions should be well-researched, well-informed, and formal in style and prose. The UNRI-IAWC does not accept op-eds, otherwise known as editorials or opinion pieces for its competition. We also ask that submissions are culturally sensitive, fact-checked, and respectful.

Citation and Sources: All factual claims must be backed by a citation from a reliable source. All ideas that are not your own must be properly attributed. Citations should be made via a reference manager (Mendeley, EndNote, etc.)

Competition Schedule

10 November 2023: Submission Deadline (Article and Video)

13-17 November 2023: Semifinalists Announcement

18 November 2023: Finalists Announcement:

23-25 November 2023: Final Round (Virtual Defense/ Presentation)


Registration Fee

*Please note that contestants are requested to register and pay before becoming eligible to submit their articles prior to the submission deadline.

Indonesian Participants: IDR 200.000

International Participants: USD 15.00

Account Details:


Bank : PT. BNI (Persero) Tbk. Kantor Cabang Utama Pekanbaru

Bank’s Address : Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 119 Pekanbaru

Account no. : 0236190650

Swift code : BNINIDJAXXX

Competition Prizes

All submissions will receive a certificate of appreciation as a participant from the UNRI-IAWC. Finalists will be eligible for the following medals based on their preliminary grade and performance in the UNRI-IAWC Defense Day.

10 Gold Medals : Certificate and US $150/ article

15 Silver Medals : Certificate and US $125/ article

25 Bronze Medals : Certificate and US $100/ article

Commendation Certificates for all participants

All grading and prize decisions are final.

Competition Eligibility (Indonesian and International Students):

Students at any program of all higher education institutions in Indonesia and overseas. Submissions are expected to be written in English. For more information on submissions, please contact:

+62856-6243-831 (Zaldi)

+62821-7184-3373 (Imran)

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